The Birthplace

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The Birthplace at Kosciusko Community Hospital team is eagerly awaiting your arrival and excited to make your delivery experience a happy, healthy one. From our highly trained obstetrics team to our comfortable environment and caring staff, we're here to help you through your labor, delivery and postpartum experience - all close to home.

Expectant mothers and families can prepare for baby's arrival by scheduling a tour of The Birthplace, which includes four labor/delivery/recovery (LDR) rooms, 10 private patient rooms, a surgical/recovery suite, a labor tub, neonatal equipment and a nursery. Childbirth and infant CPR information is part of this tour.

For your convenience, much of our prenatal education is available through our eLearning childbirth education program. We also offer breastfeeding support classes for mothers who choose to nurse.

Looking for a physician to deliver your little one or provide care after baby is born? Check out Lutheran Health Network's physician finder now.