Kosciusko Community Hospital's Women's Imaging Center offers:

  • Modern, full-field digital mammography.
    Full-field digital mammography is especially recommended for premenopausal women and women with dense breast tissue.
  • R2 computer-aided detection
    A computer analyzes each mammogram study and marks areas of interest for further review by the Radiologist.
  • The MammoPad
    A single use foam pad is placed on the mammography machine and results in a softer, warmer exam.

Remember to schedule your yearly mammogram. Do not wear deodorant to your exam. Please bring any prior mammograms from outside facilities to the hospital prior to your exam date. Outside facilities can also send prior mammograms to Kosciusko Community Hospital so we have up-to-date records on your mammogram history.

In addition to normal office ours, we offer mammography services on one Saturday per month.

For more information, please contact:
Centralized Scheduling Department at
(574) 372-7601 (574) 372-7601

For a list of risk factors and American Cancer Society recommendations, visit Appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis. An order from a physician or qualified healthcare provider is not required, but the patient must provide a physician/provider name when an appointment is made. If the patient does not have a physician/provider, a list will be provided for selection. All mammogram reports will be sent to the physician/provider, and the patient is responsible for follow-up. *Check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage for a screening mammogram.