Sleep Study

Getting good rest is essential to having a normal, productive life. Sleeping disorders can affect you at any age and can seriously interfere with your body's necessary restorative cycles. Kosciusko Community Hospital's sleep study program monitors patients' sleeping patterns to find out why you may be having problems. Your doctor may suggest this treatment if you experience long-term sleeplessness or other recurring problems.

We provide day and evening sleep studies by professionals experienced in sleep-related disorders. The Kosciusko Community Hospital Sleep Center has comfortable private rooms in which the studies take place. Our staff is happy to work with your primary care physician and will work in partnership with you to treat your sleeping disorder.

Do You Have A Sleep Disorder?

Click here to complete a questionnaire to help you identify any problems that you may have resulting from poor sleep patterns.

This questionnaire is intended as a general source of education and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment.

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