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If an injury has you sidelined or playing with pain, it’s time to team up with the sports medicine specialists at the KCH Orthopedic Center. We help athletes of all ages and abilities recover from sports-related setbacks, and maximize strength and mobility. With a wide range of surgical and non-surgical solutions, we’ll help you return to form as quickly and safely as possible.

Specialized Care for Athletic Injuries

Caring for an injured athlete is more than just applying a brace. Working closely with rehabilitation specialists and athletic trainers, our sports medicine physicians offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a variety of injuries, including:

  • Acute sports injuries: from common sprains, strains and dislocations, to more serious conditions like anterior cruciate ligament and rotator cuff tears, and complex fractures
  • Overuse sports injuries: treatment for tennis elbow, stress fractures, shin splints, muscle strains and tendonitis
  • Re-injury prevention: extensive education, training and strategies to improve body mechanics and muscular balance
  • Nerve conditions: including neuromas (painful thickening of nerve tissue, often in the feet)
  • Chronic condition support: exercise prescriptions for asthma, diabetes, obesity and more
  • Concussion evaluation and care: assessing symptoms, monitoring your recovery and ensuring a safe return to play
  • Family fitness counseling: including sports physicals and prenatal activity programs
  • Sports nutritional and supplement guidance: optimizing your fuel intake and promoting safe dietary decisions

Minimally Invasive Techniques to Help Speed Healing

If at all possible, we opt for non-invasive treatment, including pain management techniques and physical therapy. But when the operating room calls, our surgeons often perform minimally invasive procedures designed with athletes in mind. That includes arthroscopic reconstructive surgery of the shoulder, elbow, knee, foot and ankle, which usually offer less pain and faster recovery versus traditional open surgery.

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